Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time really does fly

After a long day of photo shoots, Christine Meeker ( my boss ) said - "OMG you have to have Mason bring Dallis with a cake so we can take her smash cake pictures!" Smash Cake is the ULTIMATE celebration of turning one years old- in case you didn't know. I thought it was too sweet that Christine still wanted to do this- even though we were both dog tired, so Mason brought her over and we celebrated. I never imagined it would come so fast. Everyone would always say when Dallis was just a newborn... "She is going to be all grown up before you know it!" but to be honest, I did not want to believe them. Sometimes I whisper in Dallis's ear- stop growing so fast! I am proud to see the little girl she is becoming and how she is developing her own personality. But on the other hand, as parents it seems we do not get to cherish the time when their babies- even if we try! Can I get an amen? Okay, let me get a tissue and dry my eyes and take this moment to thank God for my life. I have a beautiful daughter who is just a blessing and a half. She is as healthy as a horse and eats me out of my own home. Praise God for the precious gift he has given me.