Thursday, March 11, 2010

Being Daddy

Dallis has been a true bundle of joy and a beautiful addition to Meag and my life. It is amazing to see her grow and watch her learn. My friends and family put it best when they say "she just always looks like she is thinking and figuring things out." She gets that from her mom.

At first, I was petrified by the fact that I was supposed to be a dad. I didn't know if I would rise to the occasion, or see that I wasn't ready to be a "good" father. Anyone can be a father; the "good" part is what often lacks. I knew that everything would change. That Meag and I would definitely need one another even more than we already did. I knew that my little girl would soon copy my actions and would soon learn the same words I knew and occasionally used. I feared the harsh reality of changing diapers and midnight feedings. It was all quickly approaching. I already feared the days that her future significant others would walk into the house, or the days when she would come home crushed by them. The night after she was born it all just hit me. Some of you may be saying... "A little late for that realization Mason!”

I guess through all of this, I have had the chance to realize one important thing. It isn't about being a good dad or knowing all the answers. It is about waking up every day with the goal and purpose of doing all you can to make sure that your child knows she is loved. You will make mistakes in life, and you will make mistakes when raising children. How you react, makes you the type of parent you will be. How you work with your spouse when making decisions turns a couple into a family.

I am a father and I love being one. I am a husband and I love trying to be a better one. I am prepared to make mistakes, but I love the fact that I know my little girl and my wife will smile at me no matter what I do so long as I am there, trying.